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New rear strut

This strut has been re-designed based on the first attempt to cure two problems

The shaft support wing has been re-designed to align the prop shafts more horizontal and within the wing, the original wing was built before I got the propshafts, so the shafts were bolted to the top of the wing then fairings added, the new wing will enclose the shafts as much as possible producing a thinner wing.

The lower wing - this was set at a nominal zero degrees as suggested in the hydrofoil design books, this did not give me any lift, possibly because the wing was too short, but more likly because I do not know what 0 degrees actualy is on a wing (I must look it up!) and the wing was possibly at a slightly negative angle.

The new support allows for the lower wing angle to be altered at any time, so I can experiment to find the optimum angle. The wing will also be wider than before.

The new rear wing proved to be much more stable but the hydrofiol still did not fly as the front foil 'self height adjuster' was not working. Below is the new re designed fromnt foil.

It has an adjustable wing so I can 'finess' it to find the correct angle. The whole lower section hinges on the bottom of the rudder, with the foil being behind the lever point and the float well in front, I hope it will sence the water level much better.

The new height finder worked a lot better, I was able to get foilbourne for a couple of seconds before the boat fell over, it was a bit windy which did not help. But the boat planed level, even if a bit deeper than I wanted, but that was just an adjustment needed.

As I seemed to be getting lots of speed now, I decided to try putting the big Props back on and found the boat much more controlable using them. It was slower to get out of the water, but went fast once foilbourne.

Unfortunatly, the big props were obviously straining the motors as after a short while I noticed the boat suddenly loose power. I brought it in slowly and removed the cover, only to be met with clouds of smoke.

Having removed the highly expolsive batteries, that were still quite cool, I found one of the motors had melted inside and was locked solid.

I am now off to scour eBay to see if I can find a new motor (or two).

New motors and computer stabalisation!